Books that have helped me process my grief after the suicide of my father

After my father died from suicide, I was lost, and left feeling like I was the only person in my personal life that had suffered the loss of a loved one to suicide. I definitely didn't know anyone else who had lost their father from suicide. 

My father died September 11, 2000, and I spent the first couple of years after his death looking in bookstores, and searching on for books about suicide. I really knew nothing about the topic. I had so many questions. Who dies from suicide? Do more men than women die? How many men in my father's age group die in the same way he did? How common is suicide? What method is the most common?

I found myself wanting to find others that had lost a loved one to suicide. How did they recover? How did they honor their loved ones? Did they have any good advice that could help me feel a little less alone and lost? Were there books written by authors that had survived losing a loved one to suicide? 

Here are a couple of books that I found helpful:

What books did  you find helpful? I'd love to post them on the Resources page.